Mail submit

The USB ID Repository


USB ID's can be also submitted and edited using email.

There is a robot listening at, which has been set up to accept patches received by email.

Please use unified diffs (diff -u) against the current usb.ids file (preferably the one just downloaded from this page, but the robot tries hard to recognize older versions as well). Please include the patch in the body of the email (to avoid base64 encoding which is currently not understood by the robot) and avoid mail agents which convert tabs to spaces or wrap long lines. The classical mail utility is a safe choice.

If you do not have an account yet, one will be created for you automatically. You will be also sent notifications when anybody modifies the items you have changed (of course you can tweak the notifications, look at their documentation).

Please note that the robot currently understands only USB ID's. Other types of ID's (classes etc.) must be entered via the web interface.