The USB ID Repository


If you think that some information in the list is wrong, you know better or you want to say something about some item, you can enter a discussion comment. Browse to the item and click the discuss link.

If you do not want to change the name nor the note, enter only the text of the discussion item. If you want to change the name, enter the new version and attach a comment explaining the reason for the change. If you want to change only the note, please enter it with the same name as before.

You can request item deletion here, too.

Please see the help on creating new items for hints about what to submit and what to avoid.

Notification subscription

If the subscribe checkbox is checked, a notification on the new item will be created for you. For more information about notifications look at their documentation.

The checkbox is present only if you do not have a notification covering this item yet.

See also

You can also create new items.

If you want to know about changes in some item, set up a notification.