Adding a new item

The USB ID Repository


If you know about an ID which is not listed in the database, you are welcome to submit a new entry.

To add it, browse to its parent entry, click on the "Add item" link and enter the last part of the new ID (without the parent ID) together with its name. For example, when you want to submit the USB device 1234:5678 (vendor ID 1234, device ID 5678) and the vendor 1234 already exists, go to the page of that vendor and enter a new item with ID 5678 there.

If you want to change an existing entry, just post a discussion item instead.

You can also add a note to the name. The notes are distributed together with the ID's, so they should be used only in important cases (for example to draw attention to the fact that the ID was used by a different company due to a mistake).

If you want to comment on anything, feel free to post a discussion comment. (Unlike the note, it is only kept for other people editing the lists, not distributed to users.)

After you submit the change, it will wait for approval by an admin.


There is a couple of simple rules you should obey:

If you are not familar with the syntax of the ID's, please check the description:


All submissions are checked by the administrators for errors. The admins either approve the entry, or ask you to correct it or to provide more details. In cases of blatant abuse (spam in comments etc.), they have the power to remove the entry completely.

Notification subscription

If the subscribe checkbox is checked, a notification on the new item will be created for you. For more information about notifications look at their documentation.

See also

Once an item is submitted, it is not sealed for ever. You can discuss existing items and suggest new names for them.

If you are interested in changes in some item (or in its whole subtree), you can let the system send you notifications.