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Name: JMS578 based SATA bridge


Name: Digitus DA-71114 SATA to USB HDD/SSD Enclosure


2019-05-03 16:20:11

Name: Digitus DA-71114 SATA


2019-05-08 10:15:03

Name: JMS578 based SATA bridge

It seems like 0080:a001 is used by multiple manufacturers making products with JMicron JMS578 USB/SATA bridges. Vendor 0080 is not assigned by USB-IF, but 0480:a001 would match Toshiba's range (my product identifies itself over the wire as Toshiba though it clearly isn't: it's an ORICO 6218US3 with a generic PCB). It makes me think that some manufacturer tried (poorly) to copy an existing legitimate Toshiba device ID.

Given that the Assmann Electronic GmbH / Digitus DA-71114 says it is JMS578-based, and that 0080 is not allocated, the existing DA-71114 device ID should be replaced with a generic JMS578 name instead.


2020-05-14 12:10:58



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