Browsing ID list

The USB ID Repository


You can browse the list of ID's, including the history of the entries.

The ID's are organized in the form of a tree. The top level lists vendors, the next level enumerates their devices and the bottommost level shows the subsystems. Other lists, like the list of classes, are organized in a similar way.

Page anatomy

The page is divided into several parts:

You can find the menu and the hierarchy in most other pages; they work in similar way there.


Colors are used in both the discussion and the list of sub-items to mark status of discussion comments and sub-items respectively.

Green entries are discussion comments that provide the current item name – the "active" ones.

Grey entries are those which need attention: They are either items without any assigned name (either discussion about a not-yet-existing item, or a new item which was not yet approved by an admin), or discussion comments not yet seen by an admin.

White ones are the rest: regular discussion and approved items.


The USB ID Repository

The home of the usb.ids file

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ID 0000

Name: ID name


Name: ID name

This item is here just as an example.


1900-01-01 00:00


1234Sub-itemThis is just example