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Name: Atmel Corp.


Name: Atmel Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:03



Id Name Note
09024-Port Hub
2002Mass Storage Device
2015at90usbkey sample firmware (HID keyboard)
2018at90usbkey sample firmware (CDC ACM)
2019stk525 sample firmware (microphone)
201cat90usbkey sample firmware (HID mouse)
201dat90usbkey sample firmware (HID generic)
2022at90usbkey sample firmware (composite device)
2040LUFA Test PID
2041LUFA Mouse Demo Application
2042LUFA Keyboard Demo Application
2043LUFA Joystick Demo Application
2044LUFA CDC Demo Application
2045LUFA Mass Storage Demo Application
2046LUFA Audio Output Demo Application
2047LUFA Audio Input Demo Application
2048LUFA MIDI Demo Application
2049Stripe Snoop Magnetic Stripe Reader
204aLUFA CDC Class Bootloader
204bLUFA USB to Serial Adapter Project
204cLUFA RNDIS Demo Application
204dLUFA Combined Mouse and Keyboard Demo Application
204eLUFA Dual CDC Demo Application
204fLUFA Generic HID Demo Application
2060Benito Programmer Project
2061LUFA Combined Mass Storage and Keyboard Demo Application
2062LUFA Combined CDC and Mouse Demo Application
2063LUFA Datalogger Device
2064Interfaceless Control-Only LUFA Devices
2065LUFA Test and Measurement Demo Application
2066LUFA Multiple Report HID Demo
2067LUFA HID Class Bootloader
2068LUFA Virtual Serial/Mass Storage Demo
2069LUFA Webserver Project
2104AVR ISP mkII
2106STK600 development board
2107AVR Dragon
2109STK541 ZigBee Development Board
210aAT86RF230 [RZUSBSTICK] transceiver
210dXPLAIN evaluation kit (CDC ACM)
2110AVR JTAGICE3 Debugger and Programmer
2111Xplained Pro board debugger and programmer
2122XMEGA-A1 Explained evaluation kit
2140AVR JTAGICE3 (v3.x) Debugger and Programmer
2141ICE debugger
2310EVK11xx evaluation board
2404The Micro
2fe4ATxmega32A4U DFU bootloader
2fe6Cactus V6 (DFU)
2feaCactus RF60 (DFU)
2feeatmega8u2 DFU bootloader
2fefatmega16u2 DFU bootloader
2ff0atmega32u2 DFU bootloader
2ff1at32uc3a3 DFU bootloader
2ff3atmega16u4 DFU bootloader
2ff4atmega32u4 DFU bootloader
2ff6at32uc3b0/1 DFU bootloader
2ff7at90usb82 DFU bootloader
2ff8at32uc3a0/1 DFU bootloader
2ff9at90usb646/647 DFU bootloader
2ffaat90usb162 DFU bootloader
2ffbat90usb AVR DFU bootloader
2ffdat89c5130/c5131 DFU bootloader
2fffat89c5132/c51snd1c DFU bootloader
3301at43301 4-Port Hub
33124-Port Hub
4102AirVast W-Buddie WN210
5601at76c510 Prism-II 802.11b Access Point
5603Cisco 7920 WiFi IP Phone
6119AT91SAM CDC Demo Application
6124at91sam SAMBA bootloader
6127AT91SAM HID Keyboard Demo Application
6129AT91SAM Mass Storage Demo Application
6200AT91SAM HID Mouse Demo Application
7603D-Link DWL-120 802.11b Wireless Adapter [Atmel at76c503a]
7604at76c503a 802.11b Adapter
7605at76c503a 802.11b Adapter
7606at76c505 802.11b Adapter
7611at76c510 rfmd2948 802.11b Access Point
7613WL-1130 USB
7614AT76c505a Wireless Adapter
7615AT76C505AMX Wireless Adapter
7617AT76C505AS Wireless Adapter
7800Mini Album
800cAirspy HF+
ff07Tux Droid fish dongle

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