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Name: HP 39g+ [F2224A], 39gs [F2223A], 40gs [F2225A], 48gII [F2226A], 49g+ [F2228A], 50g [F2229A, NW240AA]


Name: HP49g+ Calculator

2009-06-28 20:03:03

Name: HP 39g+ [F2224A], 39gs [F2223A], 40gs [F2225A], 48gII [F2226A], 49g+ [F2228A], 50g [F2229A, NW240AA]

Note: There are two hardware versions of the hp 48gII, both using the same MPN F2226A. The first (2003) version had only one I/O port and did not support USB at all (although its serial port looked like a USB connector). The second (2007) revision added a USB connector in addition to the serial connector (for a total of 2 I/O ports). Both models can be distinguished either by the number of I/O ports or by the number of batteries: The first model is powered by 3 AAA batteries, the second by 4 AAA batteries. There are also two variants of the HP 50g, but they don't differ in the hardware, only in the color of the case (black vs. blue). Both variants support USB.

The name of this entry should be changed, as this PID is not only used by the hp 49g+, but by the following six HP calculators with USB interface:

- hp 39g+ [F2224A]
- HP 39gs [F2223A]
- HP 40gs [F2225A]
- hp 48gII [F2226A] (only the 2007 revision, see below)
- hp 49g+ [F2228A]
- HP 50g [F2229A, NW240AA]

The capitalization above was chosen deliberately to exactly reflect the official HP names, that is, it is "hp 49g+" rather than "HP 49G+" (as in the previous title of the entry), it is "hp 48gII" (despite its predecessors being named "HP 48SX", "HP 48GX" etc.).


2015-09-19 14:55:39

Name: HP 39g+ [F2224A], 39gs [F2223A], 40gs [F2225A], 48gII [F2226A], 49g+ [F2228A], 50g [F2229A, NW240AA]


2015-12-16 23:22:53



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