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Name: ALi Corp.


Name: ALi Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:04



Id Name Note
5462M5462 IDE Controller
5602M5602 Video Camera Controller
5603M5603 Video Camera Controller
5606M5606 Video Camera Controller [UVC]
5621M5621 High-Speed IDE Controller
5623M5623 Scanner Controller
5627Welland ME-740PS USB2 3.5" Power Saving Enclosure
5632M5632 Host-to-Host Link
5635M5635 Flash Card Reader
5636USB 2.0 Storage Device
5637M5637 IDE Controller
5642Storage Device
5661M5661 MP3 player
5667M5667 MP3 player
8841Newmine Camera
9665Gateway Webcam

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