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Name: NCR Corp.


Name: NCR Corp.

2009-06-28 20:03:04



Id Name Note
020278XX Scanner
020378XX Scanner - Embedded System
0310K590 Printer, Self-Service
03117167 Printer, Receipt/Slip
03127197 Printer Receipt
03205932-USB Keyboard
03215953-USB Dynakey
03225932-USB Enhanced Keyboard
03235932-USB Enhanced Keyboard, Flash-Recovery/Download
03245953-USB Enhanced Dynakey
03255953-USB Enhanced Dynakey Flash-Recovery/Download
0328K016: USB-MSR ISO 3-track MSR: POS Standard (See HID pages)
0329K018: USB-MSR JIS 2-Track MSR: POS Standard
032aK016: USB-MSR ISO 3-Track MSR: HID Keyboard Mode
032bK016/K018: USB-MSR Flash-Recovery/Download

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