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Name: Gaming Keyboard


Name: KT108 keyboard

Purchased here:

It currently shows up as "Winbond Electronics Corp. Gaming Keyboard".


2021-05-21 23:59:13

The brand seems to be WIANXP, they created a YouTube channel and uploaded a video showcasing the keyboard on 13th May:


2021-05-22 00:13:39

Name: Gaming Keyboard

My Pulsar "PCMK ISO TKL Keyboard Barebone" has the same IDs (and lsusb -v says iProduct is "Gaming Keyboard").
The product page is - they also have an ANSI version which I assume has the same IDs - maybe their other keyboards also use it.

Most probably both Pulsar and WIANXP (and likely others) just use the same chip for USB devices from Winbond/Nuvoton and didn't bother with setting their own Vendor ID and Product ID in the firmware (probably base/example code for that is provided by the chip vendor) - maybe they don't even have an own USB Vendor ID assigned.

As a side-note, the chip on my keyboard seems to be NUC121SC2AE:

Anyway, I'd suggest using the generic "Gaming Keyboard" name, as 0416:b23c is neither specific to the WIANXP KT108, nor to WIANXP, but as far as I can tell it's only used for keyboards that are marketed towards gamers.


2021-10-27 15:54:59



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