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Name: Nokia Mobile Phones


Name: Nokia Mobile Phones

2009-06-28 19:03:04

USB ID information on Nokia's Wiki
It is not complete.
But it should be helpful I guess.


2012-07-17 07:20:20



Id Name Note
0001E61i (PC Suite mode)
00186288 GSM Smartphone
00196288 GSM Smartphone (imaging mode)
001a6288 GSM Smartphone (file transfer mode)
00245610 XpressMusic (Storage mode)
00255610 XpressMusic (PC Suite mode)
00285610 XpressMusic (Imaging mode)
002d6120 Phone (Mass storage mode)
002e6120 Phone (Media-Player mode)
002f6120 Phone (PC-Suite mode)
0042E51 (PC Suite mode)
00643109c GSM Phone
006b5310 Xpress Music (PC Suite mode)
006c5310 Xpress music (Storage mode)
006dN95 (Storage mode)
006eN95 (Multimedia mode)
006fN95 (Printing mode)
0070N95 (PC Suite mode)
0096N810 Internet Tablet
00aaE71 (Mass storage mode)
00abE71 (PC Suite mode)
00e4E71 (Media transfer mode)
0103ADL Flashing Engine AVALON Parent
0104ADL Re-Flashing Engine Parent
0105Nokia Firmware Upgrade Mode
0106ROM Parent
010dE75 (Storage Mode)
010eE75 (PC Suite mode)
010fE75 (Media transfer mode)
0110E75 (Imaging Mode)
01545800 XpressMusic (PC Suite mode)
01555800 XpressMusic (Multimedia mode)
01565800 XpressMusic (Storage mode)
01575800 XpressMusic (Imaging mode)
0189N810 Internet Tablet WiMAX
01996700 Classic (msc)
019a6700 Classic (PC Suite)
019b6700 Classic (mtp)
01b06303 classic Phone (PC Suite mode)
01b16303 classic Phone (Mass storage mode)
01b26303 classic Phone (Printing and media mode)
01c7N900 (Storage Mode)
01c8N900/N950 (PC-Suite Mode)
02285530 XpressMusic
023a6730 Classic
026aN97 (mass storage)
026bN97 (Multimedia)
026cN97 (PC Suite)
026dN97 (Pictures)
0295660i/6600i Slide Phone (Mass Storage)
0297660i/6600i Slide Phone (Still Image)
02e15230 (Storage mode)
02e25230 (Multimedia mode)
02e35230 (PC-Suite mode)
02e45230 (Imaging mode)
0360C1-01 Ovi Suite Mode
0396C7-00 (Modem mode)
03a4C5 (Storage mode)
03c0C7-00 (Mass storage mode)
03c1C7-00 (Media transfer mode)
03cdC7-00 (Nokia Suite mode)
03d1N950 (Storage Mode)
03d2N950 (PC Suite mode)
04007600 Phone Parent
04016650 GSM Phone
04026255 Phone Parent
04059500 GSM Communicator
0407Music Player HDR-1(tm)
040bN-Gage GSM Phone
040d6620 Phone Parent
040e6651 Phone Parent
040f6230 GSM Phone
04106630 Imaging Smartphone
04117610 Phone Parent
04136260 Phone Parent
04159300 GSM Smartphone
04166170 Phone Parent
04177270 Phone Parent
0418E70 (PC Suite mode)
0419E60 (PC Suite mode)
041a9500 GSM Communicator (RNDIS)
041b9300 GSM Smartphone (RNDIS)
041c7710 Phone Parent
041d6670 Phone Parent
041f6235 Phone Parent
04213230 Phone Parent
04226681 Phone Parent
04236682 Phone Parent
04286230i Modem
04296230i MultiMedia Card
0431770/N800 Internet Tablet
0432N90 Phone Parent
0435E70 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
0436E60 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
04376265 Phone Parent
043aN70 USB Phone Parent
043b3155 Phone Parent
043c6155 Phone Parent
043d6270 Phone Parent
0443N70 Phone Parent
044cNM850iG Phone Parent
044dE61 (PC Suite mode)
044eE61 (Data Exchange mode)
044fE61 (IP Passthrough/RNDIS mode)
04539300 Phone Parent
04566111 Phone Parent
04576111 Phone (Printing mode)
045a6280 Phone Parent
045d6282 Phone Parent
046e6110 Navigator
04716110 Navigator
0485MTP Device
04bc5200 (Nokia mode)
04bd5200 (Storage mode)
04be5200 (MTP mode)
04c3N800 Internet Tablet
04ceE90 Communicator (PC Suite mode)
04cfE90 Communicator (Storage mode)
04f0Nokia N95 (PC Suite mode)
04f96300 (PC Suite mode)
0508E65 (PC Suite mode)
0509E65 (Storage mode)
0518N9 (Storage mode)
0519N9 (RNDIS/Ethernet mode)
051aN9 (PC Suite mode)
0600Digital Pen SU-1B
0610CS-15 (Internet Stick 3G modem)
0661Lumia 620/920
0662301 Dual SIM (Mass Storage)
0663301 Dual SIM
069a130 [RM-1035] (Charging only)
06fcLumia 640 Phone
0720X (RM-980)
0800Connectivity Cable DKU-5
0801Data Cable DKU-6
0802CA-42 Phone Parent

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