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Name: Fujitsu Component Limited


Name: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

2009-06-28 19:03:04

Name: Fujitsu Component Limited

Note: products marketed by Sun under its brand

according to


2011-02-14 15:18:58

The USB Id 0x430 is currently registered to 'Sun Microsystems'. But a few years
ago, Sun Micro was purchased by 'Oracle'. Is there an appropriate way to
represent that so that the history of Sun Micro is maintained, but also indicate
that 'Oracle' is currently associated with that ID. eg "Sun Microsystems / Oracle"
or some other method to reflect that Sun Micro is now Oracle.


2013-06-07 16:09:01

Name: Fujitsu Component Limited

as per ito kazuyuki of fujitsu


2021-07-19 18:20:22



Id Name Note
0002109 Keyboard
0005Type 6 Keyboard
000a109 Japanese Keyboard
000b109 Japanese Keyboard
0082109 Japanese Keyboard
0083109 Japanese Keyboard
00a2Type 7 Keyboard
01003-button Mouse
0406KVM Switch
0502Panasonic CF-19 HID Touch Panel
100e24.1" LCD Monitor v4 / FID-638 Mouse
36baBus Powered Hub
a101remote key/mouse for P3 chip
a102remote key/mouse/storage for P3 chip
a103remote storage for P3 chip
a111remote keyboard for P4 chip
a112remote mouse for P4 chip
a113remote storage for P4 chip
a4a2Ethernet (RNDIS and CDC ethernet)
cdabRaritan KVM dongle

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