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Name: Lexmark International, Inc.


Name: Lexmark International, Inc.

2009-06-28 19:03:04



Id Name Note
0001Laser Printer
0002Optra E310 Printer
0003Laser Printer
0004Laser Printer
0005Laser Printer
0006Laser Printer
0007Laser Printer
0008Inkjet Color Printer
0009Optra S2450 Printer
000aLaser Printer
000bInkjet Color Printer
000cOptra E312 Printer
000dLaser Printer
000eLaser Printer
000fLaser Printer
0010Laser Printer
0011Laser Printer
0012Inkjet Color Printer
0013Inkjet Color Printer
0014InkJet Color Printer
0015InkJet Color Printer
0016Z12 Color Jetprinter
0017Z32 printer
0018Z52 Printer
0019Forms Printer
001aZ65 Printer
001bInkJet Photo Printer
001cKodak Personal Picture Maker 200 Printer
001dInkJet Color Printer
001eInkJet Photo Printer
001fKodak Personal Picture Maker 200 Card Reader
0020Z51 Printer
0021Z33 Printer
0022InkJet Color Printer
0023Laser Printer
0024Laser Printer
0025InkJet Color Printer
0026InkJet Color Printer
0027InkJet Color Printer
0028InkJet Color Printer
0029Scan Print Copy
002aScan Print Copy
002bScan Print Copy
002cScan Print Copy
002dX70/X73 Scan/Print/Copy
002eScan Print Copy
002fScan Print Copy
0030Scan Print Copy
0031Scan Print Copy
0032Scan Print Copy
0033Scan Print Copy
0034Scan Print Copy
0035Scan Print Copy
0036Scan Print Copy
0037Scan Print Copy
0038Scan Print Copy
0039Scan Print Copy
003aScan Print Copy
003bScan Print Copy
003cScan Print Copy
003dX83 Scan/Print/Copy
003eScan Print Copy
003fScan Print Copy
0040Scan Print Copy
0041Scan Print Copy
0042Scan Print Copy
0043Scan Print Copy
0044Scan Print Copy
0045Scan Print Copy
0046Scan Print Copy
0047Scan Print Copy
0048Scan Print Copy
0049Scan Print Copy
004aScan Print Copy
004bScan Print Copy
004cScan Print Copy
004dLaser Printer
004eLaser Printer
004fInkJet Color Printer
0050InkJet Color Printer
0051Laser Printer
0052Laser Printer
0053InkJet Color Printer
0054InkJet Color Printer
0057Z35 Printer
0058Laser Printer
005cInkJet Color Printer
0060X74/X75 Scanner
0061X74 Hub
0069X74/X75 Printer
0072X6170 Printer
0073InkJet Color Printer
0078InkJet Color Printer
0079InkJet Color Printer
007aGeneric Hub
007bInkJet Color Printer
007dPhoto 3150
008a4200 series
008bInkJet Color Printer
008cto CF/SM/SD/MS Card Reader
008eInkJet Color Printer
0091Laser Printer E232
0095E220 Printer
00962200 series
00987100 series
009eP910 series Human Interface Device
009fInkJet Color Printer
00a9IBM Infoprint 1410 MFP
00abInkJet Color Printer
00b23300 series
00b87300 series
00b98300 series
00baInkJet Color Printer
00bb2300 series
00bdPrinting Support
00bePrinting Support
00bfPrinting Support
00c06300 series
00c14300 series
00c7Printing Support
00c8Printing Support
00c9Printing Support
00cbPrinting Support
00d09300 series
00d3X340 Scanner
00d4X342n Scanner
00d5Printing Support
00d6X340 Scanner
00e92400 series
00f63400 series
00f7InkJet Color Printer
00ffInkJet Color Printer
010b2500 series
010d3500-4500 series
010f6500 series
0142X3650 (Printer, Scanner, Copier)
01faS310 series
020eRICOH Aficio SP 4410SF
4303Xerox WorkCentre Pro 412

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