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Name: KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems)


Name: KYE Systems Corp. (Mouse Systems)

2009-06-28 20:03:04



Id Name Note
0002Genius NetMouse Pro
0003Genius NetScroll+
0006Easy Mouse+
000bNetMouse Wheel(P+U)
000cTACOMA Fingerprint V1.06.01
000eGenius NetScroll Optical
0013TACOMA Fingerprint Mouse V1.06.01
001aGenius WebScroll+
002eNetScroll + Traveler / NetScroll 110
0036Pocket Mouse LE
0039NetScroll+ Superior
003aNetScroll+ Mini Traveler / Genius NetScroll 120
004cSlimstar Pro Keyboard
0056Ergo 300 Mouse
0057Enhanced Gaming Device
0059Enhanced Laser Device
005aEnhanced Device
005bEnhanced Device
005cEnhanced Laser Gaming Device
005dEnhanced Device
0061Bluetooth Dongle
0066Genius Traveler 1000 Wireless Mouse
0072Navigator 335
0083Bluetooth Dongle
0087Ergo 525V Laser Mouse
0089Genius Traveler 350
00caPen Mouse
0100EasyPen Tablet
011bNetScroll T220
0186Genius DX-120 Mouse
1002Game Pad
1003Genius VideoCam
1004Flight2000 F-23 Joystick
100aAashima Technology Trust Sight Fighter Vibration Feedback Joystick
2001ColorPage-Vivid Pro Scanner
2004ColorPage-HR6 V1 Scanner
2007ColorPage-HR6 V2 Scanner
2008ColorPage-HR6 V2 Scanner
2009ColorPage-HR6A Scanner
2011ColorPage-Vivid3x Scanner
2012Plustek Scanner
2013ColorPage-HR7 Scanner
2015ColorPage-HR7LE Scanner
2016ColorPage-HR6X Scanner
2019ColorPage-HR6X Slim
201dColorPage-Vivid 1200 X
201eColorPage-Slim 1200
201fColorPage-Vivid 1200 XE
2020ColorPage-Slim 1200 USB2
3017SPEED WHEEL 3 Vibration
3018Wireless 2.4Ghz Game Pad
301910-Button USB Joystick with Vibration
301aMaxFire G-12U Vibration
301cGenius MaxFighter F-16U
301dGenius MaxFire MiniPad
400fGenius TVGo DVB-T02Q MCE
4012TVGo DVB-T03 [AF9015]
5003G-pen 560 Tablet
5004G-pen Tablet
5005Genius EasyPen M406
5012Genius EasyPen M406W
5014Genius EasyPen 340
505eGenius iSlim 330
6001GF3000F Ethernet Adapter
7004VideoCAM Express V2
7006Dsc 1.3 Smart Camera Device
7007VideoCAM Web
7009G-Shot G312 Still Camera Device
700cVideoCAM Web V3
700dG-Shot G511 Composite Device
700fVideoCAM Web
7012WebCAM USB2.0
7014VideoCAM Live V3
701cG-Shot G512 Still Camera
7020Sim 321C
7025Eye 311Q Camera
7029Genius Look 320s (SN9C201 + HV7131R)
702fGenius Slim 322
7035i-Look 325T Camera
7045Genius Look 1320 V2
704cGenius i-Look 1321
704dSlim 1322AF
7055Slim 2020AF camera
705aAsus USB2.0 Webcam
705cGenius iSlim 1300AF
7061Genius iLook 1321 V2
7066Acer Crystal Eye Webcam
7067Genius iSlim 1300AF V2
7068Genius eFace 1325R
706dGenius iSlim 2000AF V2
7076Genius FaceCam 312
7079FaceCam 2025R
707fTVGo DVB-T03 [RTL2832]
7088WideCam 1050
7089Genius FaceCam 320
708cGenius WideCam F100

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