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Name: mSATA Adapter [renkforce Pi-102]


Name: mSATA Adapter [renkforce Pi-102]

On Windows 8.1 the USB device is identified as "Renesas Electronics
uPD720231A". That fits to the label 0720231A printed on the chip itself.
So apparently the USB major number 045b is not "Hitachi, Ltd". So change it to
name like "Renesas Electronics" proposed by bruno.thomsen.

The adapter for mSATA SSD has a mechanical factor suited for the Raspberry
Pi. This adapter seems to be sold by different firms. I get my adapter from
Conrad Electronic SE with order number 1456982-62
with brand name renkforce and model number Pi-102. More information can be
found at product URL:


2018-12-14 15:16:27



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