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Name: Microsoft Corp.


Name: Microsoft Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:04

0b00 Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller (model 1797)


2022-10-21 08:14:20



Id Name Note
ffffWindows CE Mass Storage
930aISOUSB.SYS Intel 82930 Isochronous IO Test Board
0b12Xbox Controller
0b00Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller (model 1797)
0a00Lumia 950 (RM-1104/RM-1118)
09c0Surface Type Cover
09a0RTL8153B GigE [Surface Ethernet Adapter]
097eAzure Kinect Microphone Array
097dAzure Kinect 4K Camera
097cAzure Kinect Depth Camera
097bGeneric Hub [Azure Kinect]
097aGeneric Superspeed Hub [Azure Kinect]
0927RTL8153B GigE [Surface Ethernet Adapter]
090cSD Card
0905Surface Dock Audio
0904Surface Dock Extender
0903Surface Dock Hub
0902Surface Dock Hub
0901Surface Dock Hub
0900Surface Dock Hub
082aPro Intellimouse
0823Classic IntelliMouse
0810LifeCam HD-3000
0800Wireless keyboard (All-in-One-Media)
07fdNano Transceiver 1.1
07f8Wired Keyboard 600 (model 1576)
07cdSurface Keyboard
07caSurface Pro 3 Docking Station Audio Device
07c6RTL8153 GigE [Surface Ethernet Adapter]
07b9Wired Keyboard 200
07b6Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000
07b22.4GHz Transceiver v8.0 used by mouse Wireless Desktop 900
07a5Wireless Receiver 1461C
0799Surface Pro embedded keyboard
0797Optical Mouse 200
0780Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000
077fLifeChat LX-6000 Headset
0779LifeCam HD-3000
0772LifeCam Studio
0770LifeCam VX-700
076dLifeCam HD-5000
076cComfort Mouse 4500
0768Sidewinder X4
0766LifeCam VX-800
0765Xbox360 Slim Internal Wireless Module (1400) [Marvell 88W8786U]
0761LifeCam VX-2000
075dLifeCam Cinema
0752Wired Keyboard 400
0750Wired Keyboard 600
074aLifeCam VX-500 [1357]
0745Nano Transceiver v1.0 for Bluetooth
0737Compact Optical Mouse 500
0736Sidewinder X5 Mouse
0734Wireless Optical Desktop 700
0730Digital Media Keyboard 3000
0728LifeCam VX-5000
0724SideWinder Mouse
0723LifeCam VX-7000 (UVC-compliant)
0721LifeCam NX-3000 (UVC-compliant)
071fMouse/Keyboard 2.4GHz Transceiver V2.0
0719Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter
0713Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000
0710Zune Media Player
070fLifeChat LX-3000 Headset
070aCharon Bluetooth Dongle (DFU)
0708Transceiver v 3.0 for Bluetooth
0707Wireless Laser Mouse 8000
0642KIN Phone
0641KIN Phone
0640KIN Phone
063eZune HD Media Player
04ecWindows Phone (Zune)
04eaWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e9Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e8Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e7Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e6Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e5Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e4Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e3Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e2Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e1Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04e0Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04dfWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04deWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04ddWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04dcWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04dbWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04daWindows Powered Smartphone 2003
04d9Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04d8Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04d7Windows Powered Smartphone 2003
04ceWindows Powered Smartphone 2002
04cdWindows Powered Smartphone 2002
04ccWindows Powered Smartphone 2002
04cbWindows Powered Smartphone 2002
04caWindows Powered Smartphone 2002
04c9Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
04c8Windows Powered Smartphone 2002
047bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
047aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0479Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0478Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0477Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0476Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0475Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0474Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0473Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0472Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0471Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0470Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046fWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046eWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046dWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046cWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
046aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0469Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0468Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0467Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0466Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0465Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0464Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0463Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0462Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0461Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0460Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045fWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045eWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045dWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045cWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
045aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0459Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0458Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0457Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0456Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0455Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0454Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0453Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0452Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0451Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0450Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044fWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044eWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044dWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044cWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
044aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0449Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0448Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0447Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0446Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0445Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0444Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0443Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0442Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0441Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0440Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
043fWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
043eWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
043dBecker Traffic Assist Highspeed 7934
043cWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
043bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
043aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0439Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0438Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0437Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0436Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0435Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0434Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0433Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0432Windows Powered Pocket PC 2003
0417Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0416Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0415Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0414Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0413Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0412Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0411Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0410Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040fWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040eWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040dWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040cWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040bWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
040aWindows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0409Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0408Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0407Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0406Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0405Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0404Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0403Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0402Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0401Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0400Windows Powered Pocket PC 2002
0306Surface Pro 7 SD Card Reader
02feXbox Wireless Adapter for Windows
02fdXbox One S Controller [Bluetooth]
02eaXbox One Controller
02e6Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows
02e3Xbox One Elite Controller
02e0Xbox One Wireless Controller
02ddXbox One Controller (Firmware 2015)
02d5Xbox One Digital TV Tuner
02d1Xbox One Controller
02c2Kinect for Windows NUI Motor
02bfKinect for Windows NUI Camera
02beKinect for Windows NUI Audio
02bbKinect Audio
02b6Xbox360 Bluetooth Wireless Headset
02b0Xbox NUI Motor
02aeXbox NUI Camera
02adXbox NUI Audio
02a8Xbox360 Wireless N Networking Adapter [Atheros AR7010+AR9280]
02a0Xbox360 Big Button IR
029eXbox360 HD-DVD Memory Unit
029dXbox360 HD-DVD Drive
029cXbox360 HD-DVD Drive
0292Xbox360 Wireless Networking Adapter
0291Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows
0290Xbox360 Performance Pipe (PIX)
028fXbox360 Wireless Controller via Plug & Charge Cable
028eXbox360 Controller
028dXbox360 Memory Unit 64MB
028bXbox360 DVD Emulator
0289Xbox Controller S
0288Xbox Controller S Hub
0285Xbox Controller S
0284Xbox DVD Playback Kit
0283Xbox Communicator
0280Xbox Memory Unit (8MB)
0202Xbox Controller
00f9Wireless Desktop Receiver 3.1
00f8LifeCam NX-6000
00f7LifeCam VX-1000
00f6Comfort Optical Mouse 1000
00f5LifeCam VX-3000
00f4LifeCam VX-6000 (SN9C20x + OV9650)
00e1Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Receiver
00ddComfort Curve Keyboard 2000 V1.0
00dbNatural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 V1.0
00daeHome Infrared Receiver
00d2Notebook Optical Mouse with Tilt Wheel
00d1Optical Mouse with Tilt Wheel
00ceGeneric PPC Flash device
00cbBasic Optical Mouse v2.0
00caFingerprint Reader
00c9MTP Device
00c2MN-710 802.11g Wireless Adapter [Intersil ISL3886]
00bdFingerprint Reader
00bcFingerprint Reader
00bbFingerprint Reader
00b9Wireless Optical Mouse 3.0
00b4Digital Media Keyboard 1.0A
00b0Digital Media Pro Keyboard
00a4Compact Optical Mouse, model 1016
00a0eHome Infrared Receiver
009dWireless Optical Desktop 3.0
009cWireless Transceiver for Bluetooth 2.0
0095IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 (IntelliPoint)
008cWireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
008bDual Receiver Wireless Mouse (IntelliPoint)
008aWireless Optical Desktop Receiver 2.0A
0084Basic Optical Mouse
0083Basic Optical Mouse
0080Digital Media Pro Keyboard
007eWireless Transceiver for Bluetooth
007dNotebook Optical Mouse
007a10/100 USB NIC
0079IXI Ogo CT-17 handheld device
0073Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
0072Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard
0071Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
0070Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard
006fSmart Display Reference Device
006eMN-510 802.11b Wireless Adapter [Intersil ISL3873B]
006deHome Remote Control Keyboard keys
006aWireless Optical Mouse (IntelliPoint)
0065Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
0063Wireless Natural MultiMedia Keyboard
0061Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard (106/109)
005fWireless MultiMedia Keyboard
005cOffice Keyboard (106/109)
0059Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer
0053Optical Mouse
0048Office Keyboard 1.0A
0047IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
0040Wheel Mouse Optical
003cSideWinder Joystick
003bSideWinder Game Voice
0039IntelliMouse Optical
0038SideWinder Precision 2
0034SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel
0033Sidewinder Strategic Commander
002fIntegrated Hub
002dInternet Keyboard
002bInternet Keyboard Pro
0029IntelliMouse Optical
0028SideWinder Dual Strike
0027SideWinder PnP GamePad
0026SideWinder GamePad Pro
0025IntelliEye Mouse
0024Trackball Explorer
0023Trackball Optical
001eIntelliMouse Explorer
001dNatural Keyboard Pro
001cInternet Keyboard Pro
001bSideWinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick
001aSideWinder Precision Racing Wheel
0014Digital Sound System 80
000eSideWinder® Freestyle Pro
000bNatural Keyboard Elite
0008SideWinder Precision Pro
0007SideWinder Game Pad

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