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Name: Primax Electronics, Ltd


Name: Primax Electronics, Ltd

2009-06-28 19:03:04

Name: Dell

Note: also used by Dell

also used by Dell


2016-07-20 15:27:40



Id Name Note
0010HP PR1101U / Primax PMX-KPR1101U Keyboard
0300G2-300 Scanner
0301G2E-300 Scanner
0302G2-300 #2 Scanner
0303G2E-300 #2 Scanner
0340Colorado 9600 Scanner
0341Colorado 600u Scanner
0345Visioneer 6200 Scanner
0346Memorex Maxx 6136u Scanner
0347Primascan Colorado 2600u/Visioneer 4400 Scanner
0360Colorado 19200 Scanner
0361Colorado 1200u Scanner
0363VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
0364LG Electronics Scanworks 600U Scanner
0365VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
0367VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
0371Visioneer Onetouch 8920 Scanner
0374UMAX Astra 2500
0375VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
0377Medion MD 5345 Scanner
0378VistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
037bMedion MD 6190 Scanner
037cVistaScan Astra 3600(ENG)
0380G2-600 Scanner
0381ReadyScan 636i Scanner
0382G2-600 #2 Scanner
0383G2E-600 Scanner
038aUMAX Astra 3000/3600
038bXerox 2400 Onetouch
038cUMAX Astra 4100
0392Medion/Lifetec/Tevion/Cytron MD 6190
0813IBM UltraPort Camera
0815Micro Innovations IC200 Webcam
0819Fujifilm IX-30 Camera [webcam mode]
081aFujifilm IX-30 Camera [storage mode]
081cElitegroup ECS-C11 Camera
081dElitegroup ECS-C11 Storage
0a00Micro Innovations Web Cam 320
4d01Comfort Keyboard / Kensington Orbit Elite
4d03Kensington Mouse-in-a-box
4d06Balless Mouse (HID)
4d0fHP Optical Mouse
4d15Dell Optical Mouse
4d17Optical Mouse
4d20HP Optical Mouse
4d2aPoPo Elixir Mouse (HID)
4d2bWireless Laser Mini Mouse (HID)
4d2cPoPo Mini Pointer Mouse (HID)
4d2eOptical Mobile Mouse (HID)
4d510Y357C PMX-MMOCZUL (B) [Dell Laser Mouse]
4d62HP Laser Mobile Mini Mouse
4d64Asus wired optical mouse - Model MOEWUO
4d75Rocketfish RF-FLBTAD Bluetooth Adapter
4d81Dell N889 Optical Mouse
4d8aHP Multimedia Keyboard
4d91Laser mouse M-D16DL
4d92Optical mouse M-D17DR
4db1Dell Laptop Integrated Webcam 2Mpix
4de3HP 5-Button Optical Comfort Mouse
4e04Lenovo Keyboard KB1021
4e22Dell Mouse, 2 Buttons, Modell: MS111-P
4e26Asus wired keyboard - model KB73211
4e6fAcer Wired Keyboard Model KBAY211
4e72Acer Wired Keyboard Model KBAY211

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