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Name: Philips (or NXP)


Name: Philips

2009-06-28 19:03:05

Name: Philips (or NXP)


2010-03-03 21:06:16



Id Name Note
040710 inch Mobile Monitor
040615 inch Detachable Monitor
0701150P1 TFT Display
200f802.11n Wireless Adapter
1201Arima Bluetooth Device
0304Askey VC010 Webcam [pwc]
0603ATI Remote Wonder II Controller
0602ATI Remote Wonder II Input Device
0809AVNET Bluetooth Device
060fConsumer Infrared Transceiver
060cConsumer Infrared Transceiver (HP)
060dConsumer Infrared Transceiver (SRM5100)
0222Creative Nomad Jukebox
1120Creative Rhomba MP3 player
0814DCCX38/P data cable
0471Digital Speaker System
1103Digital Speaker System
1801Diva MP3 player
0314DMVC 1000K
0316DMVC 2000K Video Capture
0322DMVC1300K PC Camera
0104DSS330 Digital Speaker System [uda1321]
0101DSS350 Digital Speaker System
0608eHome Infrared Receiver
0815eHome Infrared Receiver
2076GoGear Aria
2070GoGear Mix
2079GoGear Opus
20e3GoGear Raga
21e0GoGEAR Raga
204eGoGear RaGa (SA1942/02)
0163GoGear SA1100
0164GoGear SA1110/02
0165GoGear SA1330
084aGoGear SA3125
2022GoGear SA52XX
084eGoGear SA60xx (mtp)
014fGoGear SA9200
20b6GoGear Vibe
20e4GoGear ViBE 8GB
0666Hantek DDS-3005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
0888Hantek DDS-3005 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
1137HDD065 MP3 player
0617IEEE802.15.4 RF Dongle
0613Infrared Transceiver
1552ISP 1581 Hi-Speed USB MPEG2 Encoder Reference Kit
0811JR24 CDRW
df55LPCXpresso LPC-Link
206cMCE IR Receiver - Spinel plusf0r ASUS
2088MCE IR Receiver with ALS- Spinel plus for ASUS
2160Mio LINK Heart Rate Monitor
0160MP3 Player
0161MP3 Player
1125Nike psa[128max Player
0601OVU1020 IR Dongle (Kbd+Mouse)
030bPC VGA Camera (Vesta Fun)
0302PCA645VC Webcam [pwc]
0303PCA646VC Webcam [pwc]
0307PCVC675K Webcam [pwc]
0308PCVC680K Webcam [pwc]
030cPCVC690K Webcam [pwc]
0310PCVC730K Webcam [pwc]
0311PCVC740K ToUcam Pro [pwc]
0312PCVC750K Webcam [pwc]
0402PS/2 Mouse on Semiconductors CICT Keyboard
2721PTA 317 TV Camera
209ePTA01 Wireless Adapter
060eRF Dongle
0844SA2111/02 1GB Flash Audio Player
2021SDE3273FC/97 2.5" SATA HDD Enclosure [INIC-1608L]
0700Semiconductors CICT Hub
0401Semiconductors CICT Keyboard
485dSenselock SenseIV v2.x
0408SG3WA1/74 802.11b WLAN Adapter [Atmel AT76C503A]
1236SNU5600 802.11bg
1232SNU6500 Wireless Adapter
0332SPC 1000NC PC Camera
0331SPC 1300NC PC Camera
0325SPC 200NC PC Camera
032dSPC 210NC PC Camera
0326SPC 300NC PC Camera
032eSPC 315NC PC Camera
0334SPC 520/525NC PC Camera
0333SPC 620NC PC Camera
0328SPC 700NC PC Camera
0330SPC 710NC PC Camera
0329SPC 900NC PC Camera / ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
262cSPC230NC Webcam
20d0SPZ2000 Webcam [PixArt PAC7332]
1237TalkTalk SNU5630NS/05 802.11bg
203fTSU9200 Remote Control
205eTSU9300 Remote Control
0619TSU9400 Remote Control
060aTSU9600 Remote Control
2046TSU9800 Remote Control
0327Webcam SPC 6000 NC (Webcam w/ mic)
2036Webcam SPC1030NC
2034Webcam SPC530NC
1230Wireless Adapter 11g
1233Wireless Adapter Bootloader Download
200aWireless Network Adapter

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