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Name: TDK Corp.


Name: TDK Corp.

2009-06-28 20:03:05



Id Name Note
0100MediaReader CF
0115USB-PDC Adapter UPA9664
0116USB-cdmaOne Adapter UCA1464
0117USB-PHS Adapter UHA6400
0118USB-PHS Adapter UPA6400
0135MediaReader Dual
020273S1121F Smart Card Reader-
0309Bluetooth USB dongle
030aIBM Bluetooth Ultraport Module
030bBluetooth Device
030cUltraport Bluetooth Device
0310Integrated Bluetooth
0311Integrated Bluetooth Device
0317Bluetooth UltraPort Module from IBM
0318IBM Integrated Bluetooth
0319Bluetooth Adapter
0320Bluetooth Adapter
0321Bluetooth Device
0a28INDI AV-IN Device

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