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Name: Fujifilm A850 Digital Camera


Name: Fujifilm A850 Digital Camera

I have the camera, with the original package and all the accessories.
Including Fujufilm, which is the manufacture, in the description because so does Fujifilm itself. For example, at One possible reason for them, and myself, to do this is to differentiate their A850 from Sony Alpha 850. This, Fujufilm, camera, may be regarded as FinePix. It has the software included in the package. Yet, as can be seen in the above fujifilm URL, Fujifilm does not mention finepix in its name. And neither does the original packaging of the camera. Nor does the manual, which can also be downloaded from the web. It is probably also a PTP camera. But what worked for me in the past is partially working for me now.


2021-01-26 07:16:47

Name: Fujufilm A850 Digital Camera

Note: Couldn't add the above text to my original submission because of length limitation. Trying to add it now.

I am not sure if the reason is hardware problems; other then PTP software issues; PTP implementation bug; or that the current software support for PTP in linux is reflecting the current PTP implementation, which might be not 100% compatible with this old, from 2008, camera.


2021-01-26 07:19:12

Name: Fujifilm A850 Digital Camera

Note: Fujifilm, not Fujiufilm.

Fujifilm, not Fujiufilm. Or whatever I wrote there.


2021-01-26 07:20:31



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