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Name: Microchip Technology, Inc.


Name: Microchip Technology, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:06



Id Name Note
0002PicoLCD 20x2
0003PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer
000aCDC RS-232 Emulation Demo
000bPIC18F2550 (32K Flashable 10 Channel, 10 Bit A/D USB Microcontroller)
0036PICkit Serial Analyzer
00e0PIC32 Starter Board
04cd28Cxxx EEPROM Programmer
0a04AGP LIN Serial Analyzer
8000In-Circuit Debugger
8001ICD2 in-circuit debugger
8101PIC24F Starter Kit
8107Microstick II
8108ChipKit Pro MX7 (PIC32MX)
9004Microchip REAL ICE
c001PicoLCD 20x4
e11cTL866CS EEPROM Programmer [MiniPRO]
f2c4Macareux-labs Hygrometry Temperature Sensor
f2f7Yepkit YKUSH
f3aaMacareux-labs Usbce Bootloader mode
f437SBE Tech Ultrasonic Anemometer
f8daHughski Ltd. ColorHug
f8e8Harmony 300/350 Remote
f91cSPROG IIv3
faffDangerous Prototypes BusPirate v4 Bootloader mode
fb00Dangerous Prototypes BusPirate v4
fbb2GCUSB-nStep stepper motor controller
fbbaDiscFerret Magnetic Disc Analyser (bootloader mode)
fbbbDiscFerret Magnetic Disc Analyser (active mode)
fc1eBachrus Speedometer Interface
fc92Open Bench Logic Sniffer
ffeeDevantech USB-ISS
ffefPICoPLC [APStech]

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