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Name: Exar Corp.


Name: Exar Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:06

Name: MaxLinear, Inc

Now owned by MaxLinear, Inc


2023-04-14 11:28:10



Id Name Note
0801XR22801 Hub
0802XR22802 Hub
0804XR22804 Hub
1100XR2280x I2C Controller
1200XR2280x GPIO Controller
1300XR2280x 10/100 Ethernet
1400XR2280x UART Channel A
1401XR2280x UART Channel B
1402XR2280x UART Channel C
1403XR2280x UART Channel D
1410XR21V1410 USB-UART IC
1411XR21B1411 UART
1412XR21V1412 2-channel UART
1414XR21V1414 4-channel UART
1420XR21B1420 UART
1422XR21B1422 2-channel UART
1424XR21B1424 4-channel UART

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