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Name: Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd


Name: Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd

2009-06-28 19:03:06



Id Name Note
0001KU-8933 Keyboard
0002NT68P81 Keyboard
0110KU-2971 Keyboard
0111KU-9908 Keyboard
0112KU-8933 Keyboard with PS/2 Mouse port
0116KU-2971/KU-0325 Keyboard
0201Gaming Keyboard KPD0250
0220Wireless HID Receiver
0402Genius LuxeMate i200 Keyboard
0403KU-0420 keyboard
0418KU-0418 Tactical Pad
0618RG-0618U Wireless HID Receiver & KG-0609 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
0718wired mouse
0760Acer KU-0760 Keyboard
0833KU-0833 Keyboard
0841HP Multimedia Keyboard
08602.4G Multimedia Wireless Kit
0939Amazon Basics mouse
1061HP KG-1061 Wireless Keyboard+Mouse
1121Periboard 717 Mini Wireless Keyboard
2159PERIBOARD-535 [Perixx Ergo Keyboard]
a001E-Video DC-100 Camera
a120ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
a121ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
a122ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
a123ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
a124ORITE CCD Webcam(PC370R)
a128PC Camera (SN9C202 + OV7663 + EEPROM)
a133Gateway Webcam
a136LabTec Webcam 5500
a147Medion Webcam
a204DSC WIA Device (1300)
a208DSC WIA Device (2320)
a209Labtec DC-2320
a20aDSC WIA Device (3310)
a20cDSC WIA Device (3320)
a210Audio Device
b008USB 2.0 Camera
b009Integrated Camera
b010Integrated Camera
b0121.3 MPixel UVC Webcam
b013USB 2.0 Camera
b015VGA 24fps UVC Webcam
b016VGA 30fps UVC Webcam
b0182M UVC Webcam
b021ViewSonic 1.3M, USB2.0 Webcam
b022Gateway USB 2.0 Webcam
b023Gateway USB 2.0 Webcam
b024USB 2.0 Webcam
b027Gateway USB 2.0 Webcam
b028VGA UVC Webcam
b0291.3M UVC Webcam
b036Asus Integrated 0.3M UVC Webcam
b044Acer CrystalEye Webcam
b057integrated USB webcam
b059CKF7037 HP webcam
b064CNA7137 Integrated Webcam
b0712.0M UVC Webcam / CNF7129
b083CKF7063 Webcam (HP)
b104CNF7069 Webcam
b107CNF7070 Webcam
b14cCNF8050 Webcam
b159CNF8243 Webcam
b15cSony Vaio Integrated Camera
b1754-Port Hub
b1acHP Laptop Integrated Webcam [2 MP Fixed]
b1b4Lenovo Integrated Camera
b1b9Asus Integrated Webcam
b1bb2.0M UVC WebCam
b1cfLenovo Integrated Camera
b1d6CNF9055 Toshiba Webcam
b1d81.3M Webcam
b1e4Toshiba Integrated Webcam
b213Fujitsu Integrated Camera
b217Lenovo Integrated Camera (0.3MP)
b221integrated camera
b230Integrated HP HD Webcam
b249HP Integrated Webcam
b257Lenovo Integrated Camera
b26bSony Visual Communication Camera
b272Lenovo EasyCamera
b2b9Lenovo Integrated Camera UVC
b2dathinkpad t430s camera
b2dbThinkpad T430 camera
b2eaIntegrated Camera [ThinkPad]
b2f4HP Webcam-50
b330Asus 720p CMOS webcam
b354UVC 1.00 device HD UVC WebCam
b394Integrated Camera
b3ebHP 720p HD Monitor Webcam
b3f6HD WebCam (Acer)
b3fdHD WebCam (Asus N-series)
b40eHP Truevision HD camera
b420Lenovo EasyCamera
b444Lenovo Integrated Webcam
b49fBluetooth (RTL8723BE)
b563Integrated Camera
b5abIntegrated Camera
b5acIntegrated IR Camera
b5ceIntegrated Camera
b5cfIntegrated IR Camera
b5dbHP Webcam
b5f7Integrated HD WebCam
b604Integrated Camera (1280x720@30)
b681ThinkPad T490 Webcam
b71aIntegrated IR Camera
b76bSunplusIT Inc [HP HD Camera]
b7b4Integrated Camera (1920x1080)

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