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Name: HASP copy protection dongle


Name: HASP v0.06

2009-06-28 19:03:06

Name: HASP copy protection dongle

My "HASP4 M1 2.17-10c" (obviously 4th generation; version 2.17 in "iProduct" and "bcdDevice") still has got this same ID, so you can in no way determine the model number from the USB ID. I therefore suggest to remove the model number, and include a short description instead, so the user can see what this device is for. "HASP" means "Hardware Against Sofware Piracy", and is the vendor's marketing name for the whole product line. Since the class is "255" (vendor specific) the current USB ID database entry isn't very helpful.


2015-05-23 21:41:11



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