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Name: CTE-450 [Bamboo Fun (small)]


Name: Bamboo Fun

Same chipset as Bamboo AFAIK


2009-09-15 14:48:41

Name: Bamboo Fun 4x5


2010-04-06 14:08:40

Name: CTE-450 [Bamboo Fun]

It seems the last suggested name is a bit inaccurate. Does anybody else have seen another model (!) name for this one? Also, the Bamboo series is normally marketed as "Bamboo XYZ", where "XYZ" is a random world. There is no "4x5" or something like that (whatever the previous poster meant with that).


2012-11-03 21:33:42

Name: CTE-450 [Bamboo Fun (small)]

Tablets with the "Bamboo Fun" product name came in multiple sizes. To help people distinguish between the sizes, the box art contained a label like "small". I've added that size information here for the same reason.


2015-06-18 18:54:10



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