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Name: Alcor Micro Corp.


Name: Alcor Micro Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:07



Id Name Note
1234Flash Drive
198bWebcam (Gigatech P-09)
2412SCard R/W CSR-145
2802Monterey Keyboard
6232Hi-Speed 16-in-1 Flash Card Reader/Writer
6254USB Hub
6331SD/MMC/MS Card Reader
6332Multi-Function Card Reader
6335SD/MMC Card Reader
6360Multimedia Card Reader
6361Multimedia Card Reader
6362Flash Card Reader/Writer
6364AU6477 Card Reader Controller
6366Multi Flash Reader
6377AU6375 4-LUN card reader
6386Memory Card
6387Flash Drive
6390USB 2.0-IDE bridge
6391IDE Bridge
6998AU6998 Flash Disk Controller
9213MacAlly Kbd Hub
9215AU9814 Hub
9310Mass Storage (UID4/5A & UID7A)
9320Micro Storage Driver for Win98
9321Micro Storage Driver for Win98
9330SD Reader
9331Micro Storage Driver for Win98
9340Delkin eFilm Reader-32
9350Delkin eFilm Reader-32
93608-in-1 Media Card Reader
9361Multimedia Card Reader
9368Multimedia Card Reader
9380Flash Drive
9381Flash Drive
9382Acer/Sweex Flash drive
9384qdi U2Disk T209M
9472Keyboard Hub
9510ChunghwaTL USB02 Smartcard Reader
9520Watchdata W 1981
9540AU9540 Smartcard Reader
9720USB-Serial Adapter
a014Asus Integrated Webcam
b002Acer Integrated Webcam

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