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Name: In-System Design


Name: In-System Design

2009-06-28 20:03:07



Id Name Note
0002Parallel Port
0030Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
0031ATA Bridge
0060USB 2.0 ATA Bridge
0061Storage Adapter V3 (TPP-I)
0101Storage Adapter (TPP)
0130Compact Flash and Microdrive Reader (TPP)
0200USS725 ATA Bridge
0201Storage Adapter (TPP)
0202ATA Bridge
0300Portable Hard Drive (TPP)
0301Portable Hard Drive V2
0350Portable Hard Drive (TPP)
0351Portable Hard Drive V2
081aATA Bridge
0cdaATA Bridge for CD-R/RW
1001BAYI Printer Class Support
5700Storage Adapter V2 (TPP)
5701USB Storage Adapter V2
5901Smart Board (TPP)
5a01ATI Storage Adapter (TPP)
5d01DataBook Adapter (TPP)

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