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Name: Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)


Name: Keyboard with numeric keypad

Apple MP110Z/B
(Mirrors: or


2011-11-27 19:23:27

Name: grasshoper

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong layout image.
Here is the good one:
The layout is "English (International)"
Details at


2011-11-27 19:34:33

Name: MP110Z/B


2012-02-06 21:00:36

Name: MP110Z/B [Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)]


2012-06-11 09:57:31

Name: Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)

The current name of MP110Z/B is probably wrong, as searching for it only returns results from (or indirectly from) usd-ids.

I suggest:
Aluminium Keyboard (ISO)

My keyboard is the British English layout with part number MB110B/B.
lsusb -v gives it a bCountryCode of 13 International (ISO)

From the Apple website, the following are the current list of part numbers from the British site:
MB110LB/B - US English
MB110B/B - British English
MB110D/B - German
MB110Z/B - International English
MB110FN/B - Belgian
MB110DK/B - Danish
MB110Y/B - Spanish
MB110F/B - French
MB110T/B - Italian
MB110N/B - Dutch
MB110SM/B - Swiss
MB110S/B - Swedish
MB110H/B - Norwegian
MB110PO/B - Portugese
MB110RS/B - Russian

It is likely that most of them will identify as 05ac:0250, the obvious exception being the US English as it has one less key.


2012-07-15 20:59:23



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