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Name: MosArt Semiconductor Corp.


Name: Creative Labs

2009-06-28 19:03:07

Name: MosArt Semiconductor Corp.

According to


2011-02-14 10:52:37

Name: MosArt Semiconductor Corp.

Please change the vendor name, many devices have vendor string saying "Mosart"


2014-10-09 13:53:54

Name: MosArt Semiconductor Corp.


2017-02-16 16:45:16



Id Name Note
0000Optical mouse
0001Notebook Optical Mouse
0020Logic3 Gamepad
0033Competition Pro Steering Wheel
0102Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo [MK1152WC]
0201Defender Office Keyboard (K7310) S Zodiak KM-9010
0252Emerge Uni-retractable Laser Mouse
2410Wireless PS3 gamepad
3286Nano Receiver [Sandstrom Laser Mouse SMWLL11]
4101Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
4102Wireless Mouse
4106Wireless Mouse 2.4G
4108Wireless Mouse 2.4G
4c012,4Ghz Wireless Transceiver [for Delux M618 Plus Wireless Vertical Mouse]
6301Trust Wireless Optical Mouse MI-4150K
9003VoIP Conference Hub (A16GH)
9004USR9602 USB Internet Mini Phone

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