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Name: Efficient Networks, Inc.


Name: Efficient Networks, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:08



Id Name Note
1001Siemens SpeedStream 100MBps Ethernet
1022Siemens SpeedStream 1022 802.11b Adapter
1023SpeedStream Wireless
4020SpeedStream 4020 ATM/ADSL Installer
4031Efficient ADSL Modem
4032SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
4033SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
4060Alcatel Speedstream 4060 ADSL Modem
4062Efficient Networks 4060 Loader
5667Efficient Networks Virtual Bus for ADSL Modem
c031SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
c032SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
c033SpeedStream 4031 ATM/ADSL Installer
c060SpeedStream 4060 Miniport ATM/ADSL Adapter
d667Efficient Networks Virtual Bus for ADSL Modem
e240Speedstream Ethernet Adapter E240
e540Speedstream Ethernet Adapter E240

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