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Name: Dimage Scan Elite II AF-2920 (2888)


Name: Scan Elite II

2009-06-28 19:03:08

Name: Dimage Scan Elite II AF-2920 (2888)

Minolta scanners have a marketing name, a model name, an article code and an internal project ID, which is also part of article code. To make the devices easier to identify, I suggest to give the full name.

"Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II" is the marketing name, "AF-2920" is the model number, (2888-101) is the official article code, and (2888) is the internal project code. Minolta had a tradition of specifying the article codes in round parenthesis, that's why I am using this notation as well. I suggest to omit the appendage -101 as it encodes country and package variants and therefore sometimes differs between countries.

I will provide similar data for all Minolta scanners so that they can all be changed at the same time.

BTW. This scanner features both, an USB and an IEEE 1394 interface.


2011-10-03 10:31:59



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