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Name: Dimage Scan Dual III AF-2840 (2889)


Name: Scan Dual III

2009-06-28 19:03:08

Name: Dimage Scan Dual III AF-2840 (2889)

Minolta scanners have a marketing name, a model name, an article code and an internal project ID, which is also part of article code. To make the devices easier to identify, I suggest to give the full name.

"Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III" is the marketing name, "AF-2840" is the model number, (2889-101) is the official article code, and (2889) is the internal project code. Minolta had a tradition of specifying the article codes in round parenthesis, that's why I am using this notation as well. I suggest to omit the appendage -101 as it encodes country and package variants and therefore sometimes differs between countries.

I will provide similar data for all Minolta scanners so that they can all be changed at the same time.


2011-10-03 10:35:38



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