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Name: Saitek PLC


Name: Saitek PLC

2009-06-28 19:03:08



Id Name Note
0006Cyborg Gold Joystick
0109P880 Pad
0160ST290 Pro
0200Racing Wheel
0201Adrenalin Gamepad
0241Xbox Adrenalin Gamepad
0255X52 Flight Controller
040bP990 Dual Analog Pad
040cP2900 Wireless Pad
0422ST90 Joystick
0460ST290 Pro Flight Stick
0464Cyborg Evo
0471Cyborg Graphite Stick
0501R100 Sports Wheel
0502ST200 Stick
0506R220 Digital Wheel
051eCyborg Digital II Stick
052dP750 Gamepad
053cX45 Flight Controller
053fX36F Flightstick
056cP2000 Tilt Pad
056fP2000 Tilt Pad
05d2PC Dash 2
075cX52 Flight Controller
0762Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System
0763Pro Flight Rudder Pedals
0764Flight Pro Combat Rudder
0805R440 Force Wheel
0b4ePro Flight Backlit Information Panel
0bacPro Flight Yoke
0c2dPro Flight Quadrant
0d05Pro Flight Radio Panel
0d06Flight Pro Multi Panel
0d67Pro Flight Switch Panel
1003GM2 Action Pad
1009Action Pad
100aSP550 Pad and Joystick Combo
100bSP550 Pad
1509P3000 Wireless Pad
1589P3000 Wireless Pad
2541X45 Flight Controller
3509P3000 RF GamePad
353eCyborg Evo Wireless
3589P3000 Wireless Pad
35beCyborg Evo
5509P3000 Wireless Pad
712cPro Flight Yoke integrated hub
8000Gamers' Keyboard
801eCyborg 3D Digital Stick II
8020Eclipse Keyboard
8021Eclipse II Keyboard
802dP750 Pad
803fX36 Flight Controller
806fP2000 Tilt Pad
80c0Pro Gamer Command Unit
80c1Cyborg Command Pad Unit
a2aePro Flight Instrument Panel
a502Gaming Mouse
f518P3200 Rumble Force Game Pad
ff04R440 Force Wheel
ff0cCyborg Force Rumble Pad
ff0dP2600 Rumble Force Pad
ff12Cyborg 3D Force Stick
ff17ST 330 Rumble Force Stick
ff52Cyborg 3D Rumble Force Joystick
ffb5Cyborg Evo Force Joystick

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