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Name: Keyspan


Name: Keyspan

2009-06-28 19:03:08



Id Name Note
0202UIA-11 Digital Media Remote
0201UIA-10 Digital Media Remote [Cypress AN2131SC]
012aUSA-49Wlc serial adapter
0121USA-19hs serial adapter
011eMPR Serial (MPRQ)
011dMPR Serial Preloader (MPRQ)
011cMPR Serial (MPRQI)
011bMPR Serial Preloader (MPRQI)
011aUSA-49Wlc serial adapter [no firmware]
0119USA-19QW PDA
0118USA-19QW PDA [no firmware]
0117USA-18XA serial Adapter
0116USA-18XA serial Adapter (no firmware)
0115USA-28Xa PDA
0114USA-28Xa PDA [no firmware]
0113USA-28Xb PDA [no firmware]
0112USA-18X PDA
0111USA-18 serial Adapter
0110USA-28Xb PDA
010fUSA-28 PDA
010eUSA-19Q serial Adapter
010dUSA-19Q serial Adapter (no firmware)
010cUSA-19Qi serial adapter
010bUSA-19Qi serial adapter [no firmware]
010aUSA-49W serial adapter
0109USA-49W serial adapter [no firmware]
0108USA-19W PDA
0107USA-19 PDA
0106USA-19W PDA [no firmware]
0105USA-18X PDA [no firmware]
0104PDA [prerenum]
0103USA-19 PDA [no firmware]
0102USA-28X PDA [no firmware]
0101USA-28 PDA [no firmware]

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