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Name: Tiger Jet Network, Inc.


Name: Tiger Jet Network, Inc.

2009-06-28 20:03:08



Id Name Note
0200Internet Phone
0201Internet Phone
0202Composite Device
0203Internet Phone
0210Composite Device
0211Internet Phone
0212Internet Phone
031cInternet Phone
031dInternet Phone
031eInternet Phone
3200Composite Device
3201Internet Phone
3202Composite Device
3203Composite Device
7200Composite Device
7210Composite Device
7250Composite Device
825cInternet Phone
831cInternet Phone
831dComposite Device
831eComposite Device
b200Composite Device
b201Composite Device
b202Internet Phone
b210Internet Phone
b211Composite Device
b212Composite Device
b250Composite Device
b251Internet Phone
b252Internet Phone
c200Internet Phone
c201Internet Phone
c202Composite Device
c203Internet Phone
c210Personal PhoneGateway
c211Personal PhoneGateway
c212Personal PhoneGateway
c213PPG Device
c25cComposite Device
c290PPG Device
c291PPG Device
c292PPG Device
c293Personal PhoneGateway
c31cComposite Device
c39cPersonal PhoneGateway
c39dPPG Device
c39ePPG Device
c39fPPG Device
c700Internet Phone
c701Internet Phone
c702Composite Device
c703Internet Phone
c710VoIP Combo Device
c711VoIP Combo
c712VoIP Combo Device
c713VoIP Combo Device
cf00Composite Device
cf01Internet Phone
cf02Internet Phone
cf03Composite Device
d210Personal PhoneGateway
d211PPG Device
d212PPG Device
d213Personal PhoneGateway
d700Composite Device
d701Composite Device
d702Internet Phone
d703Composite Device
d710VoIP Combo
d711VoIP Combo Device
d712VoIP Combo
d713VoIP Combo
df00Composite Device
df01Composite Device
df02Internet Phone
df03Internet Phone
f200Internet Phone
f201Internet Phone
f202Composite Device
f203Composite Device
f210Internet Phone
f250Composite Device
f252Internet Phone
f310Internet Phone
f350Composite Device

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