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Name: RDX External dock (redbud)


Name: RDX External USB 2.0 dock (redbud)

I have two Dell RD1000 external USB 2.0 RDX docks. The docks act as normal removable drives.

The docks have different USB IDs. One is made by Tandberg Data (ID 1A5A:0001), the other by Imation (0718:1120).

Several companies sell the same product under different names (HP, IBM, Quantum, Actidata, Imation, Tandberg, Fujitsu etc). The other companies' docks probably use the same USB IDs as my Dell docks. So IDs 1A5A:0001 and 0718:1120 should be identified as RDX External USB 2.0 docks, rather than specifically Dell RD1000s.

The "redbud" in the name is the codename for the dock used by the original developer, ProStor Systems.

An extract from lsusb -v output (with serial number redacted) for the Imation dock:

Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0718:1120 Imation Corp.
idVendor 0x0718 Imation Corp.
idProduct 0x1120
bcdDevice 20.37
iManufacturer 2 IMATION
iProduct 1 RDx External
iSerial 3 00xxxxxxxxxx


2012-06-27 13:53:44

Name: RDX External dock (redbud)


2012-09-19 21:38:56



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