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Name: ACR122U


Name: ACR122U

Hi, I have NFC USB dongle (ACR 122) described below:

$ lsusb -vd 072f:2200
Bus 001 Device 008: ID 072f:2200 Advanced Card Systems, Ltd
Device Descriptor:
bLength 18
bDescriptorType 1
bcdUSB 1.10
bDeviceClass 0 (Defined at Interface level)
bDeviceSubClass 0
bDeviceProtocol 0
bMaxPacketSize0 8
idVendor 0x072f Advanced Card Systems, Ltd
idProduct 0x2200
bcdDevice 2.07
iManufacturer 1 ACS
iProduct 2 ACR122U PICC Interface
iSerial 0


2013-09-03 09:00:22

For information, the full name is "ACR122U USB NFC Reader"


2013-09-16 15:30:48



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