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Name: M-Audio


Name: Midiman

2009-06-28 20:03:08

Name: M-Audio

Note: Company name changed to M-Audio a long time ago


2017-06-02 19:07:32

Name: M-Audio


2017-06-22 20:01:08



Id Name Note
0115O2 / KeyRig 25
0117Trigger Finger
0150M-Audio Uno
0160M-Audio 1x1
0192M-Audio Keystation 88es
0193ProKeys 88
0194ProKeys 88sx
0195Oxygen 8 v2
0196Oxygen 49
0197Oxygen 61
0198Axiom 25
0199Axiom 49
019aAxiom 61
019bKeyRig 49
1001MidiSport 2x2
1002MidiSport 2x2
1003MidiSport 2x2
1010MidiSport 1x1
1011MidiSport 1x1
1014M-Audio Keystation Loader
1015M-Audio Keystation
1020Midisport 4x4
1021MidiSport 4x4
1030M-Audio MIDISPORT 8x8
1031MidiSport 8x8/s Loader
1033MidiSport 8x8/s
1040M-Audio MidiSport 2x4 Loader
1041M-Audio MidiSport 2x4
1110MidiSport 1x1
2001M Audio Quattro
2002M Audio Duo
2003M Audio AudioPhile
2004M-Audio MobilePre
2006M-Audio Transit
2007M-Audio Sonica Theater
2008M-Audio Ozone
200dM-Audio OmniStudio
200fM-Audio MobilePre
2010M-Audio Fast Track
2012M-Audio Fast Track Pro
2013M-Audio JamLab
2015M-Audio RunTime DFU
2016M-Audio RunTime DFU
2019M-Audio Ozone Academic
201aM-Audio Micro
201bM-Audio RunTime DFU
201dM-Audio Producer
2024M-Audio Fast Track MKII
2080M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
2081M-Audio RunTime DFU / Fast Track Ultra 8R
2803M-Audio Audiophile DFU
2804M-Audio MobilePre DFU
2806M-Audio Transit DFU
2815M-Audio DFU
2816M-Audio DFU
281bM-Audio DFU
2880M-Audio DFU
2881M-Audio DFU

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