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Name: SanDisk Corp.


Name: SanDisk Corp.

2009-06-28 19:03:08



Id Name Note
0001SDDR-05a ImageMate CompactFlash Reader
0002SDDR-31 ImageMate II CompactFlash Reader
0005SDDR-05b (CF II) ImageMate CompactFlash Reader
0100ImageMate SDDR-12
0200SDDR-09 (SSFDC) ImageMate SmartMedia Reader [eusb]
0400SecureMate SD/MMC Reader
0621SDDR-86 Imagemate 6-in-1 Reader
0720Sansa C200 series in recovery mode
0729Sansa E200 series in recovery mode
0810SDDR-75 ImageMate CF-SM Reader
0830ImageMate CF/MMC/SD Reader
1234Cruzer Mini Flash Drive
5150SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (thin)
5151Cruzer Micro Flash Drive
5153Cruzer Flash Drive
5204Cruzer Crossfire
5402U3 Cruzer Micro
5406Cruzer Micro U3
5408Cruzer Titanium U3
540eCruzer Contour Flash Drive
5566Cruzer Slice
5567Cruzer Blade
556bCruzer Edge
556dMemory Vault
5571Cruzer Fit
5572Cruzer Switch
5575Cruzer Glide
5576Cruzer Facet
5577Cruzer Pop (8GB)
557dCruzer Force
5580SDCZ80 Flash Drive
5583Ultra Fit
5588Extreme Pro
5589SD8SB8U512G[Extreme 500]
558cExtreme Portable SSD
5590Ultra Dual
5591Ultra Flair
6100Ultra II SD Plus 2GB
6500uSSD 5000
7100Cruzer Mini
7101Pen Flash
7102Cruzer Mini
7103Cruzer Mini
7104Cruzer Micro Mini 256MB Flash Drive
7105Cruzer Mini
7106Cruzer Mini
7112Cruzer Micro 128MB Flash Drive
7113Cruzer Micro 256MB Flash Drive
7114Cruzer Mini
7115Cruzer Mini
7301Sansa e100 series (mtp)
7302Sansa e100 series (msc)
7400Sansa M200 series (mtp)
7401Sansa M200 series (msc)
7420Sansa E200 series (mtp)
7421Sansa E200 Series (msc)
7422Sansa E200 series v2 (mtp)
7423Sansa E200 series v2 (msc)
7430Sansa M200 series
7431Sansa M200 series V4 (msc)
7432Sansa Clip (mtp)
7433Sansa Clip (msc)
7434Sansa Clip V2 (mtp)
7435Sansa Clip V2 (msc)
7450Sansa C250
7451Sansa C240
7460Sansa Express
7480Sansa Connect
7481Sansa Connect (in recovery mode)
74b0Sansa View (msc)
74b1Sansa View (mtp)
74c0Sansa Fuze (mtp)
74c1Sansa Fuze (msc)
74c2Sansa Fuze V2 (mtp)
74c3Sansa Fuze V2 (msc)
74d0Sansa Clip+ (mtp)
74d1Sansa Clip+ (msc)
74e5Sansa Clip Zip
8181Pen Flash
8183Hi-Speed Mass Storage Device
8185SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (older, thick)
8888Card Reader
8889SDDR-88 Imagemate 8-in-1 Reader
8919Card Reader
8989ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader
9191ImageMate CF
9219Card Reader
9292ImageMate CF Reader/Writer
9393ImageMate SD-MMC
9595ImageMate xD-SM
9797ImageMate MS-PRO
9919Card Reader
9999SDDR-99 5-in-1 Reader
a7c1Storage device (SD card reader)
a7e8SDDR-113 MicroMate SDHC Reader
b2b3SDDR-103 MobileMate SD+ Reader
b2b5SDDR-104 MobileMate SD+ Reader
b4b5SDDR-89 V4 ImageMate 12-in-1 Reader
b6b7SDDR-99 V4 ImageMate 5-in-1 Reader
b6baCF SDDR-289
c7cfSDDR-299 [Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Reader]
cfc9SDDR-489 ImageMate Pro Reader

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