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Name: JMS583 Gen 2 - PCIe Gen3x2 Bridge


Name: JMS583 Gen 2 - PCIe Gen3x2 Bridge

Plugable USB 3.1 Gen 2 Tool-free NVMe Enclosure reports itself as 0789:0578

lsusb -d 0789:0578 -v

Bus 004 Device 003: ID 0789:0578 Logitec Corp. JMS583
idVendor 0x0789 Logitec Corp.
idProduct 0x0578
bcdDevice 2.04
iManufacturer 1 JMicron
iProduct 2 JMS583
iSerial 3 DD5641988391F

It is physically branded with the Plugable logo. This USB id is somewhat unexpected, since this chipset by JMicron has a dedicated USB id 152d:0583

It's unclear to me if 0789:0578 is an error or if this was the ODM that produced the device for Plugable.

Please take this info consideration and determine how and if it should appear in the database. I can provide further lsusb details, SMART query data for Vendor ID, or anything else that might help.


2021-02-10 23:19:48



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