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Name: Carry Computer Eng., Co., Ltd


Name: Carry Computer Eng., Co., Ltd

2009-06-28 20:03:09



Id Name Note
0000CF Card Reader
0001Reader (UICSE)
0002Reader (UIS)
0003SM Card Reader
0004SM/CF/PCMCIA Card Reader
0005Reader (UISA2SE)
0006SM/CF/PCMCIA Card Reader
0007Reader (UISA6SE)
000cSM/CF Card Reader
000dSM/CF Card Reader
000eReader (UISDA)
000fReader (UICLIK)
0010Reader (UISMA)
0012Reader (UISC6SE-FLASH)
0014Litronic Fortezza Reader
0030Mass Storage (UISDMC12S)
0040Mass Storage (UISDMC13S)
0100Reader (UID)
0101Reader (UIM)
0102Reader (UISDMA)
0103Reader (UISDMC)
0104Reader (UISDM)
02006-in-1 Card Reader
0201Mass Storage (UISDMC1S & UISDMC3S)
0202Mass Storage (UISDMC5S)
0203Mass Storage (UISMC5S)
0204Mass Storage (UIM4/5S & UIM7S)
0205Mass Storage (UIS4/5S & UIS7S)
0206Mass Storage (UISDMC10S & UISDMC11S)
0207Mass Storage (UPIDMA)
0208Mass Storage (UCFC II)
0210Mass Storage (UPIXXA)
0213Mass Storage (UPIDA)
0214Mass Storage (UPIMA)
0215Mass Storage (UPISA)
0217Mass Storage (UPISDMA)
0223Mass Storage (UCIDA)
0224Mass Storage (UCIMA)
0225Mass Storage (UIS7S)
0227Mass Storage (UCIDMA)
0234Mass Storage (UIM7S)
0235Mass Storage (UIS4S-S)
0237Velper (UISDMC4S)
03006-in-1 Card Reader
03016-in-1 Card Reader
0303Mass Storage (UID10W)
0304Mass Storage (UIM10W)
0305Mass Storage (UIS10W)
0308Mass Storage (UIC10W)
0309Mass Storage (UISC3W)
0310Mass Storage (UISDMA2W)
0311Mass Storage (UISDMC14W)
0320Mass Storage (UISDMC4W)
0321Mass Storage (UISDMC37W)
03509-in-1 Card Reader
0500Mass Storage
0501Mass Storage

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