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Name: DeTeWe - Deutsche Telephonwerke AG & Co.


Name: DeTeWe - Deutsche Telephonwerke AG & Co.

2009-06-28 20:03:09

The so called 'FlashLoad'-mode is in real a 'flash mode'.The Chip inside the PBX is switch into this mode, when the user does a firmware-update. In the source from The Sourceforge Porject 'Eumex' this name is often mixed,because the progrom which did this firmware-update is called 'FlashLoad'.
I prefer to use for all Eumex devices the neutral term 'flash mode'. This is the correct technical term. 'Flashload' also maybe under protection of DeTeWe, because they named their program in this way.
Also are the '()' and '[]' mixed, and at last somtimes is with a space in between sometimes without. So to do it in a common way I sent some days ago a patch to change all name additions to '(flash mode)'.
Hope it will help...!


2011-08-14 09:49:18



Id Name Note
1001Eumex 504PC ISDN TA
1002Eumex 504PC (FlashLoad)
1003TA33 ISDN TA
1004TA33 (FlashLoad)
1005Eumex 604PC HomeNet
1006Eumex 604PC HomeNet (FlashLoad)
1007Eumex 704PC DSL
1008Eumex 704PC DSL (FlashLoad)
1009Eumex 724PC DSL
100aEumex 724PC DSL (FlashLoad)
100bOpenCom 30
100cOpenCom 30 (FlashLoad)
100dBeeTel Home 100
100eBeeTel Home 100 (FlashLoad)
1012USB2DECT (FlashLoad)
1013Eumex 704PC LAN
1014Eumex 704PC LAN (FlashLoad)
1019Eumex 504 SE
101aEumex 504 SE (Flash-Mode)
1021OpenCom 40
1022OpenCom 40 (FlashLoad)
1023OpenCom 45
1024OpenCom 45 (FlashLoad)
1025Sinus 61 data
1029dect BOX
102cEumex 604PC HomeNet [FlashLoad]
1030Eumex 704PC DSL [FlashLoad]
1032OpenCom 40 [FlashLoad]
1033OpenCom 30 plus
1034OpenCom 30 plus (FlashLoad)
1041Eumex 220PC
1042Eumex 220PC (FlashMode)
1055Eumex 220 Version 2 ISDN TA
1056Eumex 220 Version 2 ISDN TA (Flash-Mode)
2000OpenCom 1000

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