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Name: Texas Instruments


Name: Texas Instruments Japan

2009-06-28 20:03:09

Name: Texas Instruments

Note: Burr Brown acquired by TI

Mention Burr Brown to facilitate searches.


2011-10-06 19:56:51

Name: Texas Instruments


2013-03-10 18:00:47



Id Name Note
2702PCM2702 16-bit stereo audio DAC
2704PCM2704 16-bit stereo audio DAC
2705PCM2705 stereo audio DAC
2706PCM2706 stereo audio DAC
2707PCM2707 stereo audio DAC
27c4PCM2704C stereo audio DAC
27c5PCM2705C stereo audio DAC
27c6PCM2706C stereo audio DAC
27c7PCM2707C stereo audio DAC
2900PCM2900 Audio Codec
2901PCM2901 Audio Codec
2902PCM2902 Audio Codec
2904PCM2904 Audio Codec
2910PCM2912 Audio Codec
2912PCM2912A Audio Codec
29b0PCM2900B Audio CODEC
29b2PCM2902 Audio CODEC
29b3PCM2903B Audio CODEC
29b6PCM2906B Audio CODEC
29c0PCM2900C Audio CODEC
29c2PCM2902C Audio CODEC
29c3PCM2903C Audio CODEC
29c6PCM2906C Audio CODEC

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