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Name: Kingston Technology


Name: Kingston Technology

2009-06-28 20:03:09



Id Name Note
000aKNU101TX 100baseTX Ethernet
1600DataTraveler II Pen Drive
1601DataTraveler II+ Pen Drive
1602DataTraveler Mini
1603DataTraveler 1GB/2GB Pen Drive
1606Eee PC 701 SD Card Reader [ENE UB6225]
1607DataTraveler 100
160bDataTraveler 2.0 (2GB)
160dDataTraveler Vault Privacy
160eDT110P/1GB Capless
1613DataTraveler DT101C Flash Drive
1616DataTraveler Locker 4GB
161aDell HyperVisor internal flash drive
1621DataTraveler 150 (32GB)
1624DataTraveler G2
1625DataTraveler 101 II
162aDataTraveler 112 4GB Pen Drive
162bDataTraveler HyperX 3.0
162dDataTraveler 102
1630DataTraveler 200 (32GB)
1642DT101 G2
1643DataTraveler G3
1653Data Traveler 100 G2 8 GiB
1656DataTraveler Ultimate G2
1660Data Traveller 108
1665Digital DataTraveler SE9 64GB
1666DataTraveler 100 G3/G4/SE9 G2
1689DataTraveler SE9
168aDataTraveler Micro
168cDT Elite 3.0
16b3HyperX Savage

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