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Name: T20 [Tegra 2] recovery mode


Name: Tegra 2 AC100 developer mode

appears if you connect the toshiba AC100 (with integrated Tegra 2 chipset) in developer mode (ctrl-esc-on) to a pc


2013-05-27 10:12:47

Name: T20 [Tegra 2] recovery mode

Tegra running the recovery protocol ("USB Recovery Mode" a/k/a "RCM" a/k/a "APX") implemented by the on-chip boot ROM. The same USB device ID is used by all devices containing the same Tegra chip, since the ID is defined by the chip, not the board or software.

This ID applies to the following substantially identical chips: T20/AP20/T25/AP25.


2017-06-21 17:48:20



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