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Name: Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG


Name: Auerswald GmbH & Co. KG

2009-06-28 20:03:09



Id Name Note
00c0COMpact 2104 ISDN PBX
00dbCOMpact 4410/2206 ISDN
00dcCOMpact 4406 DSL (PBX)
00ddCOMpact 2204 (PBX)
00deCOMpact 2104 (Rev.2 PBX)
00e0COMmander Business (PBX)
00e2COMmander Basic.2 (PBX)
00f1COMfort 2000 (System telephone)
00f2COMfort 1200 (System telephone)
00f5COMfortel 2500 (System telephone)
8000COMpact 2104 DSL (DSL modem)
8001COMpact 4406 DSL (DSL modem)
8002Analog/ISDN Converter (Line converter)
8005WG-640 (Automatic event dialer)

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