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Name: Zebra Technologies


Name: Zebra

2009-06-28 19:03:10

Name: Zebra Technologies

Note: Change Request: I would recommend using the full company name, "Zebra Technologies"

Change Request: I would recommend using the full company name, "Zebra Technologies" or "Zebra Technologies Corporation"

As retrieved from on 06/2022:

Zebra Technologies Corporation
Corporate and International Headquarters
3 Overlook Point Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 USA

However the company often abbreviates itself as "Zebra Technologies" in most media and literature (see link above). In the interest of concise information I am recommending this.


2022-06-09 21:51:45

Name: Zebra Technologies

Note: Seconding suggested name change to "Zebra Technologies"

As further evidence, ZPL-compatible printers will provide XML information when requested via device command. One of the entries it will return is:


This is for an LP 2844-Z Product ID 0x0027 which I'm about to add to the list as well. The company clearly describes themselves as "Zebra Technologies" in their device metadata, it feels fitting that this database should reflect that as well.


2022-12-22 04:52:28

Name: Zebra Technologies


2023-11-08 14:17:28



Id Name Note
0009LP2844 Printer
0027ZTC LP2844-Z-200dpi
0050P120i / WM120i
0080GK420d Label Printer
0081GK420t Label Printer
0084GX420d Desktop Label Printer
008bHC100 wristbands Printer
008cZP 450 Printer
00d1GC420d Label Printer
0110ZD500 Desktop Label Printer
011cZD410 Direct Thermal Label Printer
0172ZT411 Barcode Label Printer

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