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Name: Todos AB


Name: Todos Data System AB

2009-06-28 20:03:10

Name: Todos AB

"Todos Data System AB" has changed name to "Todos AB". Have a look at where it says "Todos AB was previously registered as TDS Todos Data System AB.".


2010-07-10 22:56:48

Name: C200 smartcard controller (Nordea card reader)

Just saw I made a typo, "smarcard" instead of "smartcard" - sorry.


2010-07-15 21:11:35



Id Name Note
0009Todos Argos Mini II Smart Card Reader
001ee.dentifier2 (ABN AMRO electronic banking card reader NL)
002eC200 smartcard controller (Nordea card reader)
003fTodos C400 smartcard controller (Handelsbanken card reader)
0050Argos Mini II Smart Card Reader (CCID)

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