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Name: Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo / FP1


Name: Dream / ADP1 / G1 Phone


2010-02-24 02:15:18

Name: Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic (Debug)


2010-10-09 08:23:26

Name: Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo


2010-10-09 09:01:36

Name: Dream / ADP1 / G1 / Magic / Tattoo / FP1

This is the USB ID of my Fairphone 1 (or "Fairphone First Edition", original batch, received December 2013; short: "FP1") in Android system recovery mode (holding Volume Up with Power On; "Android system recover <3e>"; see e.g.: - selection "apply update from ADB"...

(With Android 4.2 running, MTP mode, it's 0bb4:2008...)


2020-06-09 18:53:50

Name: Android recovery mode ADB sideload or fastboot mode [MT65xx]

Could it be that 0c01 is the Android recovery mode for all HTC based devices?

First, my Fairphone has a MediaTek 6589 CPU, short: MT65xx. Second, I get both the ADB sideload mode and the fastboot mode with the USB ID 0c01. On my FP1U (updated first batch) when holding Volume Up + Power button, I get directly into the "Android recover mode". On my FP1 (original batch) I get a boot menu first: "Select Boot Mode: Recovery Mode, Fastboot Mode, Normal Boot". Selecting Recovery Mode gets me in the same mode as with the FP1U. Selecting "apply update from ADB" enables the ADB mode, a connected PC lists the device with "adb devices -l". When selecting fastboot mode, the USB ID is the same, but the device gets (only) listed when running "fastboot devices -l", confirming it is not in ADB, but in fastboot mode.


2020-06-09 19:57:02

Fairphone FP1 booting up (after factory reset): "dmesg | tail"
[ 5133.315203] usb 3-1.1: USB disconnect, device number 30
[ 5148.098479] usb 3-1.1: new high-speed USB device number 31 using xhci_hcd
[ 5148.223138] usb 3-1.1: New USB device found, idVendor=0bb4, idProduct=2008, bcdDevice= 2.55
[ 5148.223142] usb 3-1.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=2, Product=3, SerialNumber=4
[ 5148.223143] usb 3-1.1: Product: MT65xx Android Phone
[ 5148.223145] usb 3-1.1: Manufacturer: MediaTek
[ 5148.223146] usb 3-1.1: SerialNumber: 1234567890

Important message here: "MT65xx Android Phone", Linux Kernel 5.7.1.


2020-06-09 20:01:44



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