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Name: X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.


Name: X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.

2009-06-28 19:03:10



Id Name Note
0001ActiveHome (ACPI-compliant)
0002Firecracker Interface (ACPI-compliant)
0003VGA Video Sender (ACPI-compliant)
0004X10 Receiver
0005Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
0006Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
0007Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
0008Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
0009Wireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000aWireless Transceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000bTransceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000cTransceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000dTransceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000eTransceiver (ACPI-compliant)
000fTransceiver (ACPI-compliant)

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